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I am hereby commencing my 25th Anniversary tribute.  I’ll be posting videos, interviews and articles. My first in the series will be with Joe Ferrara owner of Atlantis Fantasyworld, the location of the Frog Brother’s comic book store.

I interviewed him over the phone in February and as soon as I figure it out, I’ll post it on the blog for all to hear. Mr. Ferrara kindly agreed to talk about filming with the two Coreys and how the ins and outs of filming in a resort town worked back then. Stay tuned!


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I interviewed Felissa Rose of “Sleepaway Camp” fame. She played “Angela” in the original and reprised her role years later in the sequel “Return to Sleepaway Camp”
She agreed to be interviewed for my “Women of Horror ” blog series
1. How did you get the  role of Angela in Sleepaway Camp? Did you expect it to become the cult classic it did?
I had gotten a manager when I was about 9 yrs. old and they sent me out to meet the director, Robert Hiltzik.  We hit it off immediately and I was confident that I had gotten the role, lol!  I had a callback and it was very clear that we would be a great team:)  Never did I expect it to become the animal it has grown to be!  I can’t believe I’m talking about it 30 yrs. later!
2. What keeps you grounded? With all the attention you get during conventions, what keeps you humble?
haha  My kids keep me happy and give me really good perspective on the world!  Nothing like a poopy diaper to keep you humble.
3.  Do you watch horror movies yourself?  Is there a particular “Woman in Horror” that you would say inspires you?
I love horror movies. I watch a lot of 80’s slashers.  My all time favorite woman in horror is Brinke Stevens. I’ve gotten to know her on a personal level and she is so inspiring.  Incredibly intelligent and super warm and loving.
4. What’s your take on the transition of women in front of the camera to women behind? Any female director you would consider working with ?
I think it’s wonderful when women make any moves in the film industry. I’d like to be directed by Tiffany Shepis! She’s so awesome to be around and really super talented!
5. You’ve acted on stage and on camera, which would you prefer?
I really love both. Such different mediums.  Can’t compare.
6. Do you think your character helped the progression of women characters in horror movies or horror media by portraying a female character who was not “a damsel in distress”?
Any time a female plays the role of monster it helps show how versatile and cool we are!  I love that I play the killer a lot.  It totally empowers me and helps change things up a bit. We need more crazy, women characters like Angela to help kick some ass, put those guys in their place.
7.  Who was your favorite actor to work with? Have you ever gotten “starstruck” by anyone you met?
I’m always starstruck!  I loved working with Vincent Pastore on RTSC. He was so fun and down to earth.
8. What can we expect in the future from Felissa Rose?
I am now producing. I have some films coming out (as actress and producer) and I’m also working in the reality tv world! Watch and see;)
9. We’ve often been told by actors that some movies were more fun to make than others…What makes a project “fun”? Or not so much fun?
I always have fun.  Working on SC and RTSC was a blast!  Caesar and Otto movies are incredible, Sean Cain projects rock my world! I think I work with the same people over and over because of the fun factor!  If you’re a happy person then you’ll have a blast.  Like anything in life, keep a positive attitude and things will be amazing!
10. Would you ever consider acting as a career for your children?
The jury is out on this one.  My husband wants it, but I’m still not sure. Time will tell.  I’d never squash their dreams, but the business scares me for young people.  They’ve worked with me, so we’ll take it slowly.
–Many many thanks to Felissa Rose!

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My interviews with guests at Dead Winter Horror Convention are on the “features” page of Infernal Dreams

So yeah. Semi-famous? Oh not really, just got lucky!!

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I had a wonderful time interviewing everyone for my “Women of Horror” recognition series. Many many thanks to all who agreed to be interviewed.  One thing I did notice, a common thread throughout my interviews is that my question, “Is there a woman in horror you find inspiring/Look up to” was almost  always met with “Not really, no. ” Because there’s not MANY women in horror who have broken ground like the women I spoke to, strong enough to break into what is mostly a male-dominated medium.  They find themselves Pioneers in their art, groundbreakers and mavericks.  And I am very very proud to have given them the recognition and exposure they deserve.  Hopefully next year, if I interview a starlet or a new filmmaker they might tell me they look up to one of the women I interviewed this year!  Inspiration doesn’t end, I noticed, it just keeps moving, as long as you don’t keep still.

Congratulations to all my women in horror, keep inspiring the next generation!


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Having to explain which Lost Boy I met at Horrorhound.

Having to explain which Lost Boys I’m meeting in April

Having to explain how Brooke McCarter’s character dies in The Lost Boys

because you “don’t remember which one he is”.

Telling me you preferred the older brother (Michael-Jason Patric) in the movie

Calling Freddy “Jason”

Calling Jason “Freddy”

Throwing up Kiefer Sutherland as David as a “real vampire vs Twilight” when you only saw the movie one time, and have teased me in the past for loving TLB as much as I do.

You’re a hypocrite and I judge you.

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