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TreacleTreacle Tart recipe…Finally!! Wanted to try one since “Tom’s Midnight Garden” when I was 11.

Children this side of the pond grow up woefully ignorant of the wonders of treacle. Our refined sugar byproducts are generally confined to molasses, and our inverted sugar usually takes the form of corn syrup. Little do American sweet teeth know that our British cousins have mastered the procurement, production, and preparation of treacle, the finest of sugar byproducts.

Anyone who’s read the Harry Potter books has wondered or imagined what their ultimate treacle tart would look, smell and taste like. Americans may be familiar with the Pennsylvania Dutch shoo fly pie, which is made with molasses. Treacle tarts are similar in that they are a historically inexpensive recipe that calls for the use of the resultant byproducts of sugar production.


Treacle tarts can be traced back to Ancient Greece, when honey was used to make the filling. Once the refining of sugar began…

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Happy Mother’s Day, Lucy Emerson!!

As far as horror -movie parents go, I think Lucy Emerson deserves a reward. She’s an ultra-cool mom, she used to be a hippie,

puts her boys first, obviously, and she’s more perceptive than most horror-movie parents.

In “Nightmare on Elms street” Nancy’s mother is too busy burying herself in the bottle to notice shit’s going down with her


In “Friday the 13th”…Well….Where ARE the parents?!

In Halloween, the parents are NOWHERE to be found….You catch my drift?

When Michael gets embroiled in the Lost Boys’ gang, Ms Emerson picks up something isn’t right with her boy. She even goes

so far as to wait up to catch him coming home from his exploits. She tries to let him know she knows something’s up, and coaxes him

to talk to her. Rather than scold him for being out all night, she tries to get to the root of why he must stay out all night and become distant to the family.

I’m sure she suspects drug use, but is too tactful to speak it outright.

When she suspects her children are in danger, she drops everything (even her date at an exclusive resteraunt) to rush home and save them.

She even throws herself into the jaws of danger (literally!!) at the end of the movie to save Sam from Max’s grasp. Any mother would hopefully put herself

in between her children and danger. In “The Lost Boys”, we see the heroic Lucy Emerson do exactly that.

So Happy Mother’s Day Lucy.

You’ve earned it.

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