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Infernal Dreams has been fortunate enough to have helped promote and cover Scarefest since the first in 2008.

I have always usually been the sidekick, the one who held the camera bag and just gawped at everything going on.

Yesterday, due to circumstances beyond our control, I was the only one availabe to cover this huge Horror/Paranormal convention and I won’t lie, it was a bit daunting…

While waiting for the Ribbon cutting and Black Carpet event, I watched owners Patty Starr and Jeff Waldridge moving between staff and celebrities alike, making sure everyone knew where to go, everyone had everything they needed and answering questions. Watching their faces, you wouldn’t guess they were arranging the biggest Paranormal event in Kentucky, they acted like they were welcoming friends into their family den, and it showed. It put everyone at ease, especially me. It’s no secret Aunt Mimi gets rather star struck easily, but I walked amongst Tyler Dane, Dee Wallace, and Denise Crosby, smiling and nodding as if I did this all the time.


Opening ceremony with Patti Starr and Jeff Waldridge


The ribbon cutting ceremony took place shortly after I arrived, with famous monster impersonator Jeff Wickedbeard slashing the ribbon as Jason Voorhees, using…What else…His machete!

And the Black Carpet event commenced….


Victor Miller, writer and creator of “Friday the 13th”


Michael Berryman, of “The Hills Have Eyes” and “Devils Rejects” answering his fans’ questions



The Legendary Booth brothers


The “Creed” family from Pet Sematary, reunited! Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby and Miko Hughes


Tony Todd, “Candyman”, “Final Destination” series

Aaron Goodwin of “Ghost Adventures” had stopped on his way off the Black Carpet to greet me…”Hey! How are you?” He asked. I mumbled hello, frankly surprised he remembered me, then he hugged me warmly and asked me to come by the table later. 


Owner/promoter Patti Starr giving an impromptu interview for the press.

That is exactly the kind of fan/celebrity interaction that makes going to conventions so special. So memorable.  Thankfully, I have walked around and gotten my pictures and blurbs from my celebrities, today, I’m just walking around with some friends as a fan today, so be ready for some high-pitched squeeing!



“Did someone say Ghost Hunting?”

No paranormal celebrities were left out for Scarefest!

Scarefest day two, I am in you!!

Mimi Rupp


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The world is full of “Wicked Stepmother” stereotypes….Just look at the two new Snow White movies, “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Mirror Mirror” for a good example.

Evil queen, second wife, wants the power and beauty her innocent daughter possesses…Daddy’s out of the picture, and it seems no one is on the young princess’s side…

Or Cinderella, with HER stepmother enslaving her and saving all the good stuff to spoil her own daughters.

“Hansel and Gretel”, a wife lies to her husband to ditch their children, so she doesn’t have to starve herself…Or the horrible fairy tale of “Singing Bones”, where a stepmother does the ultimate evil to her husband by feeding his own children to him.


I’d like to present a real-life stepmother who would blow all that out of the water.

My own stepmother.

Back when I grew up, it was unusual for a father to have custody of his children, but my Dad wasn’t one to let society rule what he thought was best for his daughters.

That included Stepmommy. When he first got us, Dad had trouble getting us to sleep at a regular bedtime or eat proper meals. Our habits were terrible. We had awful separation anxiety.

Stepmommy came in and straightened us out. We got regular meals, we learned self-sufficiency and realized, bit by bit, that she really wasn’t going anywhere. She would see our hurt and disappointment in our faces whenever someone let us down, but she kept her anger on our behalf in check. At the time I worried it was directed at me, but through the years I came to learn that early on in our lives, she had adopted us, long before her and my father married. As soon as she stepped foot in our house, my sister and I ceased to be “stepchildren” and became her own flesh and blood. We didn’t grow under her heart, but in it. \

I can’t help but feel her love and her determination and fighting for us saved our lives.

As we grew, a lot of the lessons, love and even the hard times stayed with me, and kept me going through raising my own family. Christmas memories are more staying than Christmas toys. Keep your room neat. Eat your vegetables. Don’t be afraid of salad. Always try something new. Be kind to everyone. Respect is earned, make sure the people who trust you have reason to.

And thanks to her, I have not only survived my childhood, I am not just alive. I am living.

Today is her birthday and it’s as good a day as any to say thank you, Rikki Pelton, for all you’ve done.

Your lessons and sacrifice. I’d like to raise the title of Stepmother to one of honor and pride.

And love.

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Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

I knew I would write something today but I really struggled with what that would be.  In fact, i have started this ‘blog four five times already.

What can I say?  I feel compelled both because it is Rosh Hashanah (often called “Jewish New Year,” the Biblical Feast Of Trumpets) and it is the twelfth anniversary of accepting Yeshua as my Savior and King.

I know Messianic Judaism is peculiar thing to most people.  Jews dislike it because, regardless of your ethnicity or supreme respect for Torah and tradition, if you believe in Jesus you’re a goy.  You’re kicked out of the tribe, as it were.  Christianity views our faith as suspect because there is the perception that you are placing prerequesites on salvation.  You’re accused of being a legalist.  That is ridiculous, of course, as my strong Calvinistic leanings should signify, but people start getting nervous if you imply…

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