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Random fangirl Moment.


Me and fellow maidens Lynn, Teresa and Malinda at an Alice Cooper concert 2009.


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“DEAD” of Winter….

I’ll be trying to do a slew of vampire reviews this month and next, because I think vampires really dig the winter.

There’s a number of reasons for this…..

1) Longer nights. More time to be out and cavorting and causing mayhem

2) Colder= less people.  Except for…

3) Christmas shopping crowds. People are distracted. Easy pickings

4) Cold doesn’t bother them, but winter coats must heat up the blood like nobody’s business. A fresh cup of blood steams like coffee…So it can be enjoyed in public without suspicion.

and finally,

5) EVERYONE’S pale in the winter.  Vampire skin would be more easily concealed under coats, mittens, gloves and hats.

So, Happy Winter, vampires! Enjoy it while you can, spring comes along far too quickly sometimes.

(Although not quickly enough for some of us mortals…)

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