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In light of my recent video blog, I’m compelled to defend my choice of reading fanfiction.

“Bed of Thorns” by Nym

Set in the “Once Upon a Time” fandom, consisting of the Rumplestiltskin/Belle pairing


Every fangirl’s dream.

1) Well-written

2) In-character with no AU! scenarios

3) Lots of naughty naked-sex-scenes

4) Hellishly long. And downloadable to reread at your leisure.

This particular tome begins with Rumplestiltskin vying for Belle’s hand in marriage in exchange for ending the Ogre wars on Sir Maurice’s lands.  Belle steps in, partly for bravery and partly to save her village and family, but also, to become master of her own destiny.

It is repeated in the story, and rings true to history, in such a land, women are property. Objects of desire, objects of beauty but no less, “objects”. Not persons.

Belle explains her fate was laid out before, married off, husband will control her inheritance, and she has lots of babies to carry on the family name.

Until Rumplestiltskin steps in.

Now, she is on her own, but still, master of her own destiny and her own mind, which is one thing Rumplestiltskin willingly gives her.

Then, she is whisked away to a faraway land, thrown into the same house as a man deemed as “monstrous” and “beastly” and “devilish” by everyone she’s ever known. And on her wedding night is terrified of what’s to befall her.

Turns out, both she and Rumple have a “HOSHI—” moment of …”Ok,…Now what…” as Rumple realizes now that he’s married…he has a wife. To take care of, and entertain, and yes, even bed.

Because Belle expects it.

Which he hadn’t.

The tenderness in which Rumplestiltskin takes Belle on their wedding night stays with Belle during the rest of their journey to the Dark Castle. Expecting Rumplestiltskin to take advantage of his husbandly rights, she’s strangely disappointed when he leaves her to sleep alone. She learns simple household chores, such as cooking, cleaning and laundering her own clothes, (she distrusts magic) leaving Rumple bewildered that such a girl of young years is taking his shit in stride and making the best of her situation.

After a few nights home she pretty well DEMANDS he “be a husband to her” and it goes from there.

Thankfully, there’s a storyline, and not just ‘SEXSEXSEXSEX and MORE SEX’ and Nym manages to keep the bedroom scenes from becoming tedious and repetative.

The eye-opening wonder of Rumplestiltskin and Belle exploring each other for pleasure is both charming and erotic, without either of them falling out of character.

Belle is frustrated that Rumple approaches her advancements with as much ardour as a kicked puppy, and Rumple is pretty well angry at himself for not considering that in taking a wife, he’ll have, well, a wife. Someone to share company. Someone else in the castle running around and messing with his stuff.  Someone who wants to, you know, talk to him.  As they discover one another, through intimacies and challenges, it unfolds into a love story beyond any fairy tale. But this fairy tale is best left for grown ups to enjoy! >:)


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haunted locations and other places.

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Leatherface meets Lucid

I’m rather decent aquaintances with this old bitch, so follow this blog. She’s awesome, and so’s Bill Johnson.

this old bitch makes horror flicks

Bill Johnson as “PawPaw” on the set of Lucid by Big Biting Pig Productions.

One of my favorite aspects of movie-making is directing, particularly the small and intense scenes with just one or two people.  These require a different kind of focus than large scenes, which are more about blocking and technical aspects.  The small scenes require an acute understanding of human emotions.  The director must know first what range of emotions she’s looking for, and second, how to get the actors to deliver.

I think I’m pretty good at working an actor into the emotional space needed to come across as authentically real in the artificial environment of the movie set.  But sometimes an actor surprises me and takes me somewhere I didn’t plan to go.  That’s when directing really gets interesting.

I’m old and bitchy enough to know that my way is not always the best.  As a…

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