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Darkness of Angels, penned by Tori Vonmayhem, is a vampire erotica.  It revolves around english vicar Colton Manning, a mostly pious man who’s weakness is beautiful women. Enter Anne DeCorso, a Courtesan who ends up corrupting not only Colton’s body but his soul as well. Anne is a centuries old vampire who has chosen Colton as her consort.  As time goes on, she tires of his company, leaving him despondent, bored and lethal in his pursuits for blood.

Moving from Victorian England to modern times, Tori’s language in the book reflects that accurately in the tone.  Keeping the tone and atmosphere without blowing a victorian scene, then moving on to more modern language without seeming awkward and false is tricky for any experienced writer, but Tori handles it well, moving smoothly from older to moder times, introducing Ciara, a Dominatrix who fascinates Colton into revealing who he is.

The story is fast moving and brutal at times, particularly when Anne forces Colton’s first kill to be his beloved sister Elizabeth, showing the author’s fearlessness with her storyline.  Avoiding awkward repetitive stodginess with her love scenes, Tori Vonmayhem can show the Twilight crowd this is what vampires do when they grow up.































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