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I’m sorry if I have little time for anti-christmas statuses and rants on facebook. In my childhood, christmas was one of the things that I knew were going to be good no matter what. As a child of an extended family, there was a lot of christmas to be had.  My Stepmother would do her best to give us a great day, planning months in advance, and making the house warm, beautiful and festive.

My mother used to get dinners and cookies together for a festive “Boxing Day” (December 26th) and we’d have a second christmas.  Giving my son a good christmas keeps me young and brings back to me that childlike wonder and excitement, so you’ll pardon me if I go christmas-crazy.  It’s better than prozac for me.


Also, recipe for my stepmother’s rocky road fudge.  I’ve made this for years, and my in-laws can’t get enough  of it!

3/4 bag of chocolate chips

2/3 cup of condensed milk

half cup of nuts (I like walnuts, but pecans will work just as well)

half cup of marshmallows (the coloured ones are particularly festive)

In a double broiler, melt chocolate chips in heated condensed milk and stir until smooth.  Very quickly mix nuts and marshmallows until just covered. Pour into pan and let cool (8×8 square pan is best, line it with wax paper)

Let cool and cut into small squares as this will be a very rich treat.


My Stepmom’s christmas tree, 2010.

So let the holidays commence!

And please keep reading my bubblews page and liking the posts, as it earns me Christmas money!!!


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