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Instead of punishing the father, the whole world celebrated him. Put his picture up on every venue, praised his career, and patted his back, saying “There, there, haters are everywhere…” And said things like, “Sorry, little girl, how do we know your mother didn’t put you up to this?”

This man married his girlfriend’s 19 year old daughter, whom he’d known as a child since she was 10.  He wooed and married her, despite dating her mother for years and years.  Everyone tsked, but then said “So what? She’s legal! And hey, look at his brilliant work!!”


The courts nearly granted him custody of this little girl.  Can you imagine the nightmare years she had ahead of her if he’d won?! I get nauseous thinking of it.

Because of this man’s career, this poor little girl and her mother grew up seeing this face everywhere. In magazines, newspapers, on billboards, Marquees.

When she spoke out publicly, when she was even supported by her brother, media threw up the fact that her mother was unfaithful to this “boyfriend”, stating her brother may’ve been fathered by another man.  Because that’s worse than stealing a child’s innocence and trust.

Now imagine you’re watching television. You’re watching the Golden Globes, smiling and watching your favorite Hollywood heroes, and suddenly, you spot him.  The man who’s made your life a hell since childhood and they’re CELEBRATING him. Praising him. The man who made you mistrust any other person, made you feel broken, damaged.  Are you outraged? Are you thinking this is only a story? Fiction?

No, it happened. It’s still happening.   Woody Allen has just been nominated for another Oscar. And Dylan Farrow’s pleas are being ignored once again, just as they have been 20 years ago.

Maybe if Dylan was honored for bravely coming forward…

If Mia Farrow were celebrated for risking her acting career to save her children, because really, she did…
Maybe if Woody were charged with proving he DIDN’T do it… Things might be different. And Dylan would have her closure.


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