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“Mimi’s Venom and Honey” and “Infernal Dreams” have relocated to Flint, Michigan.  The reason for the relocation are many, most of them boiling down to “Family”.  The heir had a new diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and we didn’t have faith in the present school system to give him what he needed. Our rationale was if we were going to relocate, how about a place where there are MORE resources for us,like family and friends? We settled on Flint, because it’s halfway between Ohio (Dirty Dave’s family) and Ontario (Aunt Mimi’s family), plus we had friends here that gave us resources that helped us settle.

I found a day job, Dave found some clients and we wormed our way into the Flint Horror Convention, held last weekend, October 25th.

Hosting Eileen Dietz of “The Exorcist” and Danny Hicks of “Evil Dead II” and “Intruder”, we found the convention had a LOT of heart.  Fan-friendly guests and awesome vendors helped the day go smoothly and with lots of surprises, such as the “Christine” movie car, brought up by Bill GIbson.  Everyone has heard of the Epic-Con experience by now… Well their loss was Flint’s gain.  For a donation, guests and fans could get their picture with the famous car, staged to look like they were the car’s next victim. (For those that don’t know, Christine was supposed to be a guest at Epic Con, but promises were broken and wires got crossed, leading to a last-minute offer by Flint promoters.)


Danny Hicks with Dirty Dave of Infernal Dreams/ 9th Circle Design at the Flint Horror Convention


Finding old friends around our new home.

Many thanks to the promoters at Flint Horror Convention for the warm welcome to our new home State!


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