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The first day of Shock Stock went astonishingly well for me despite fighting Michigan Construction traffic and a number of mishaps along the way,the least of which, picking up my son late from school. We arrived late, found parking VERY easily (5$ at the Hall, not bad really) and entered the Convention which was in full swing. We met the vendors,cosplayers and a number of Celebrity guests that had a lot to say about my niece’s homemade Disney dress.  Particularly Tony Todd, who would’ve pegged him for a Disney fan?  Oh well, even Death needs a hobby!

The vendors were wonderful and there was some amazing artwork to be viewed as well as one-of-a-kind baubles and earrings.  Pictures will be forthcoming, as I seem to have lost a vital power cord to upload but they’re wonderful, and there’s absolutely a lot to see.  I encountered the Horror-Rama booth and a booth run by Canada’s best Horror FIlm Festival, “Blood in the Snow”  Nothing brings out my patriotic side like good ol’ Canadian Horror.  I think Canada really has a corner in the market and need to show our American neighbors that The Great White North is just as bawdy, bloody and psychotic as the rest of them.  I was also very glad to see independant filmmakers showing their talent and films.  There’s screenings happening all weekend.  I can only hope my camera batteries last that long!  Shock Stock continues tomorrow through till Sunday, at Centennial Hall,London Ontario.  Forest City, the Horror fans have teken over!!


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Shock Stock will be this weekend, and I’m going to be there.

After years of Conventions State-side in Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio and Missouri, I am coming home to Horror!

Stay tuned, videos and pictures coming soon!

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The Changeling. Old ghost story that used to scare the pants off me, my best friend and my sister. As a joke, my best friend

gave me a copy of the VHS version for a wedding gift!

Filmed in Vancouver, BC, starring George C. Scott about a writer who finds himself bothered by an unrest spirit who chose him because he’d been touched by death… The accidental death of his wife and daughter.

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FNFF 2011 John Carpenter

Photo credit: Mimi Rupp

My name is Mimi. I was born in Woodstock Ontario, moved to London to go to Nursing school, and spent many years there.

My whole LIFE, I’ve been a horror fan. It all started with vampires, then I discovered a “Lost Boys” article in a Fangoria issue in 1987, and it escalated from there.  From a star-struck 16-year-old, to a new mother in 2007 seeing her first convention at “Fright Night Film Fest” with her baby still on the teat, to finally meeting the “Lost Boys” actors in 2012.

BOTB 308

(photo credit: Mimi Rupp)

Now, I’m terrifically excited to see my hometown hosting Conventions of her own.  Shock-Stock is coming up in a few short weeks, and I’m looking very forward to going.  This is the Convention’s fourth year, and it’s just gotten bigger, so I’d really like to do what I can to support it and keep the Horror where it belongs. In our own backyard!

They’ll be hosting old Venom and Honey alumni Felissa Rose, whom I interviewed in 2012, as well as her “Sleepaway Camp” co-star Jonathan Tiersten, who I met in 2012, in “Blood on the Beach”.  He photobombed my picture with Jamie Newlander

Me and Jamie

(photo credit: Mimi Rupp)

I was about to snap the picture and Jonathon decided to pick that time to wax poetic about the falseness of Actors  Bless him.  Please notice how near-shirtless he is. My husband has a pic of him somewhere, shirtless entirely and covered in shaving cream.  When asked why, he declined to comment.

Not to mention, Canada is pretty much a hidden treasure in the Horror scene.  Fangoria Horror Weekend did hit up Toronto years ago, but before then, I can’t really recall a lot of horror based conventions, and RARELY were there any in London.  The closest we got, was Alice Cooper concerts, in my memory.

A shame, because some of the more classic horror was shot and made right up there in the Great White North.  Classics such as “Black Christmas”, “My Bloody Valentine”, and “The Changeling”, classics I had seen in issues of Fangoria but had no clue of their Canuck roots.  I think it’s time I spent my energy giving kudos and showing love to these classics and newer films Good Ol’ Canada’s churning out, like “SUCK”, and “Ginger Snaps”.
Going to Shock Stock, covering the show and vlogging from home will be a good start, I think!

toxie ash yhs

(photo credit: Louis Perzia. Thanks buddy,owe you a coffee)

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It seems we can’t get through a Convention season without seeing some kind of kvetch or drama about how much Conventions are costing fans, and how expensive it’s getting to book and run for Promoters.   The general complaint is actors/celebrities ever-increasing prices, against an unstable economy.  Guests had to forego trinket shopping and deciding which Actor to meet and which to pass up as autograph prices climbed to as much as $80.

After recent conventions, horror/pop culture fans have started to push back, as a recent “Walking Dead” guest put up a sign advertising $10 for meet and greet. That’s a purple note just to go up and say “Hi”.

Yep, you heard that right, and I can find pictures to prove it.

In retaliation, frequently-booked actors and their agents posted on social media their outrage at someone treating their fans as customers, and a cash cow, with celebrity agent Sean Clark posting, ” I just want to go on record and say that it didn’t cost ANYTHING to come up to Norman Reedus’ table at HorrorHound Weekend and meet him, get a hand shake or a hug MANY of which he gave out this weekend. Just saying.”

Sid Haig, star of Rob Zombie series “House of 1000 Corpses” and “Devil’s Rejects” went on record as stating he would never go above his $20 autograph price mark.   It bears saying Mr. Haig has considerable history as a legend of Horror (Since “Spider Baby”) and Grindhouse in years past, as opposed to a one-hit wonder who’s supporting role in a television series could be seeing an end shortly.

The latest in these critiques is Monster Mania Weekend promoter, Dave Hagan, suing the agency who handles Daveigh Chase, better recognized as “Samara” from “The Ring” series of films.

The charges are breach of contract and mismanagement of funds, as Mr Hagan paid Chase’s agent in advance, with Ms Chase being a glaring no-show at the convention some weeks later.  Understandably, Mr Hagan would like to be refunded.  Phone calls and emails are going unsanswered.

I couldn’t tell you if this is the beginning of the end of people using Conventions as a convenient second-income, but it seems fans and promoters are fed up, tired of the drama and we might be seeing a trend of guests and celebrities bringing it back to the fan-centric, movie celebration they used to be.

BOTB 316

Picture: Lost Boys actor Billy Wirth signing a picture for a fan.  Photo credit Mimi Rupp

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