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As promised, James, here’s the Shock Stock picture post. Still working on the video. Hoping to have it rendered soon.

Returning as Media to my hometown was pretty freakin’ epic. Even better, sharing it with my horror-loving niece.

Here’s some highlights

IMG_8830 IMG_8808

Night of the Living Dead cast, me and Toxie. Who couldn’t love Toxie?!

IMG_8831 IMG_8805

Well-known fact about me, I can’t resist a bad girl!!

IMG_8817 IMG_8819

That picture is Ed Neal, from the first “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” signing memorabilia That ornament is a miniature of Victoria Park, where  a lot of the Festivals happen.

IMG_8829 IMG_8835 IMG_8838

Q and A with Goblin.  It was amazing.  A horror fan not having seen “Suspiria” is like a ’90s kid not having seen “Labyrinth”.


Said beautiful niece having a discussion on the recent complications of “The Walking Dead” with… well, a Walking Dead


Touching tribute to Robert Zdar


More pretty ladies!


We discussed religion. He’s Jewish, I’m Pagan, we agreed to disagree.

IMG_8820 IMG_8821 IMG_8806

More horror people greeting London, Ontario fans.  This was really amazing.  I can’t explain how awesome this was.

My only wish, and I would do everything in my power to make this happen, is that the Promoters and Creators of Shock Stock continue to bring horror and vintage horror to Ontarians for years to come.

Infinite thanks to James Bialkowski and Jake Grimbro.  They’re gearing up for 2016, so please, go visit their website, like their facebook and talk to them! They’re nice guys, particularly if you bring beer!


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