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Once again, Fandomfest made me proud to call myself “fan” and “friend” to the promoters.   Despite challenges, such as last minute change in venue, and guest cancellations, Fandomfest 2017 knocked it out of the park.


(photo credit: Malinda Wickam)

Taking over the old Macy’s store in Louisville’s Jefferson mall is almost poetic….. Capitalism died in that mall, and the fans swarmed and took over. The ironic justice is delicious.

Despite naysayers, a good time was had by the large crowds and friendly celebrity guests, with Matthew Lillard inviting fans to come meet and hug him “Like a porkchop”.  Fans as far away as Ontario, Canada were posting pictures of fans meeting actor Sonny Chiba of “Kill Bill” fame, with Artoo Detoo, and BB8 droids roaming the floors, thrilling many a Star Wars fan.

(photo credit: Malinda Wickam)

The venue wasn’t without complications, but staff were quick on the ball to assist vendors, such as Steampunk Alley.  Originally slated for the second floor, vendors had trouble getting their props to the alloted spot, as the back wall wouldn’t fit in the elevator.  Staff responded by placing them on the first floor, which was pretty awesome of them.

(photo credit: Malinda Wickham. She’s the one being threatened by the T-Rex.)

The cosplayers came out in droves, including many children, and an entire family dressed as Harry Potter characters.  Celebrity guests posted regularly, and thanked the staff for a wonderful weekend.  This is the kind of Fandomfest I’m familiar with.  I’ve never had a bad time there, I’ve always been treated VERY well by the staff.  And I know from experience, when Fandomfest triumphs over the odds, the next year will be even better.  Congrats to the staff, guests and promoters for another awesome Convention.  Stay tuned for Fandomfest 2018, because I sure will!


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