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Once again, Fandomfest made me proud to call myself “fan” and “friend” to the promoters.   Despite challenges, such as last minute change in venue, and guest cancellations, Fandomfest 2017 knocked it out of the park.


(photo credit: Malinda Wickam)

Taking over the old Macy’s store in Louisville’s Jefferson mall is almost poetic….. Capitalism died in that mall, and the fans swarmed and took over. The ironic justice is delicious.

Despite naysayers, a good time was had by the large crowds and friendly celebrity guests, with Matthew Lillard inviting fans to come meet and hug him “Like a porkchop”.  Fans as far away as Ontario, Canada were posting pictures of fans meeting actor Sonny Chiba of “Kill Bill” fame, with Artoo Detoo, and BB8 droids roaming the floors, thrilling many a Star Wars fan.

(photo credit: Malinda Wickam)

The venue wasn’t without complications, but staff were quick on the ball to assist vendors, such as Steampunk Alley.  Originally slated for the second floor, vendors had trouble getting their props to the alloted spot, as the back wall wouldn’t fit in the elevator.  Staff responded by placing them on the first floor, which was pretty awesome of them.

(photo credit: Malinda Wickham. She’s the one being threatened by the T-Rex.)

The cosplayers came out in droves, including many children, and an entire family dressed as Harry Potter characters.  Celebrity guests posted regularly, and thanked the staff for a wonderful weekend.  This is the kind of Fandomfest I’m familiar with.  I’ve never had a bad time there, I’ve always been treated VERY well by the staff.  And I know from experience, when Fandomfest triumphs over the odds, the next year will be even better.  Congrats to the staff, guests and promoters for another awesome Convention.  Stay tuned for Fandomfest 2018, because I sure will!


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It seems we can’t get through a Convention season without seeing some kind of kvetch or drama about how much Conventions are costing fans, and how expensive it’s getting to book and run for Promoters.   The general complaint is actors/celebrities ever-increasing prices, against an unstable economy.  Guests had to forego trinket shopping and deciding which Actor to meet and which to pass up as autograph prices climbed to as much as $80.

After recent conventions, horror/pop culture fans have started to push back, as a recent “Walking Dead” guest put up a sign advertising $10 for meet and greet. That’s a purple note just to go up and say “Hi”.

Yep, you heard that right, and I can find pictures to prove it.

In retaliation, frequently-booked actors and their agents posted on social media their outrage at someone treating their fans as customers, and a cash cow, with celebrity agent Sean Clark posting, ” I just want to go on record and say that it didn’t cost ANYTHING to come up to Norman Reedus’ table at HorrorHound Weekend and meet him, get a hand shake or a hug MANY of which he gave out this weekend. Just saying.”

Sid Haig, star of Rob Zombie series “House of 1000 Corpses” and “Devil’s Rejects” went on record as stating he would never go above his $20 autograph price mark.   It bears saying Mr. Haig has considerable history as a legend of Horror (Since “Spider Baby”) and Grindhouse in years past, as opposed to a one-hit wonder who’s supporting role in a television series could be seeing an end shortly.

The latest in these critiques is Monster Mania Weekend promoter, Dave Hagan, suing the agency who handles Daveigh Chase, better recognized as “Samara” from “The Ring” series of films.

The charges are breach of contract and mismanagement of funds, as Mr Hagan paid Chase’s agent in advance, with Ms Chase being a glaring no-show at the convention some weeks later.  Understandably, Mr Hagan would like to be refunded.  Phone calls and emails are going unsanswered.

I couldn’t tell you if this is the beginning of the end of people using Conventions as a convenient second-income, but it seems fans and promoters are fed up, tired of the drama and we might be seeing a trend of guests and celebrities bringing it back to the fan-centric, movie celebration they used to be.

BOTB 316

Picture: Lost Boys actor Billy Wirth signing a picture for a fan.  Photo credit Mimi Rupp

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Fright Night Film Fest/Fandom fest is in complete full swing.  Masquerade parties are rocking the Galt House, and other hotel parties are just erupting spontaneously.  Michael Rooker, IronE Singleton and Lew Temple from the Walking Dead are all about, as are Stan Lee (YES. THAT STAN LEE)  Gene Simmons and William Shatner.

I personally saw and greeted Kane Hodder, Joey Lauren Adams, John Barrowman, and so many others.

Although fans showed up in droves, waiting in lines to collect their passes and photo op tickets, everyone just seemed to chat to one another and compare fandoms. By the time tickets had been collected, emails and names had been exchanged and new friends had been made. The energy was THAT positive.

With staff and promoters working hard all year, the first day of Fright Night/Fandomfest has been a raging success.  Standing with my friend to get TWD autographs and pictures, everyone seemed to just be so happy and co-operative, and the actors being incredibly friendly to all their fans and showing such gratitude for support of the show. No one was rushed although lines were long, and no one complained.  It was a fantastic experience, and moving on to the vendor halls, watching the cosplayers move about in character, this year’s Fright Night/Fandomfest is everything a fan should want in a Convention…. fan-friendly celebrities, open vendor  halls, with a huge selection, and hydration stations here and there (what other convention will offer you free water? Free ANYTHING?)  Fright Night Film Fest/Fandomfest is showing it’s own brand of guest and fan-pleasing and giving Kentucky Hospitality an even better name.IMG_8127 Harley and Mistah J IMG_8119 IMG_8130 IMG_8122 IMG_8118 IMG_8114 IMG_8110As you can see, Aunt Mimi bringing her own brand of special to the fest, the cosplayers and friends of Infernaldreams.net, Kevin Strange and Dave Fultz representing.  Day two will involve interviews, parties and possibly me trying to achieve picture of Stan Lee.  I’ll let you know how that works out for me!

John effing barrownamJohn Barrowman!

IMG_8126And of course I cannot resist stalking my favorite Dream Stalker!

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Last year, on behalf of Infernal Dreams and Mimi’s Venom and Honey, I covered a small convention nea Corbin Kentucky, and started up my own little corner of the Infernal Dreams empire. I conducted my first celebrity interview, and made a lot of new friends, starting off not only  my vlogging but also a writing career.

Last  night marked the return of Dead Winter Horror Convention, which the promoters were gracious enough to allow me to promote and cover.  It was a most triumphant return. J. LaRose (REPO! The Genetic Opera, Saw III) and Danny Hicks (Evil Dead  II, Intruder, Spiderman II) made their Dead Winter debut along with returning celebrities John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)  and  Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th).  As with last year, everyone had a fabulous time, convention attendants were treated to celebrities, and Monsters Among Us alumni such as Nightmare Man, Princess Diva of the Dead and Dj Tre roamed around in various monster disguises.  You could see Jason Voorhees lumbering about or have a staring contest with Michael Myers.  It was a bang-up start to what will be a fantastic weekend.  Many Many many thanks to Brian Sizemore and his soon-to-be bride Samantha for allowing Venom and Honey and Infernal Dreams be a part of the experience.


Shauna Tackett and friend


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Infernaldreams.net and Venom and Honey have had  the great honor of being invited to Fright Night Film Fest every year since 2007.

This convention has been going since 2006 and has always been run by fans for fans and has just grown bigger since.

Friday marked the beginning of possibly the biggest Fright Night Film Fest/Fandomfest convention we’ve yet seen.

And we at Infernal Dreams are so far having a great time.  At the historical Galt House, official Hotel of the Kentucky Derby, this establishment has hosted celebrities, sport stars, presidents and royalty and it’s definitely giving all of its guests the royal treatment this year.

I’ve already run into Tyler Mane, Robert Rusler, Deborah Foreman, Danny Hicks, and Bill Johnson and that was just at the afterparties!

Especially this weekend, which is proving to be the hottest in Kentucky, the hotel is providing a cool oasis for horror fans, sci-fi fans and pop culture nerds like me, just walking around and bumping into fellow fans, cosplayers and celebrities alike. It’s like we left earth and are on a different planet….That’s ok, I like this one, they seem to speak my native language of fangirl!

Fright Night

Later on in the day, Fright Night Film Fest will be welcoming Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, and Bruce Campbell to its line-up. In fact, I have it on excellent authority that Bruce Campbell is already at Galt House.  (Have to cut this entry short. Have to go stalking!)

Thanks to AAAALLL the volunteers and the promoters who are helping run this convention smoothly and with fans having fun in mind, This is really just the most exciting ever! Keep watching my blog and my facebook, I’ll be updating with pictures shortly!

Love, Mimi

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LONDON,KY – It felt like an honour to be a part of the maiden voyage of “Dead Winter Horror Convention” which was two years in the works. Bragging celebrities such as Ari Lehman, John Dugan, Alex Vincent, Tony Moran, and Aron Houdini, last of the Houdini line, and local celebrities such as ZP International, Kayla Perkins, Cassidy Rae, Lyzayne Whitaker and author Bertena Varney. I’m not even naming everyone, there were still filmmakers and paranormal guests I’m sure I’m missing…I do apologize if I didn’t list you.
It kicked off early on Friday, and went on strong until Saturday night, with vendors setting up to entertain patrons with unusual items you wouldn’t find in stores and would pay top dollar for online. The venue was one of the roomiest I’d ever seen since my first “Fright Night Film Fest” convention, with no problem navigating either room in the London Kentucky Optimist complex.
Even driving through southern Kentucky to get there, you just felt part of a horror movie experience, fortunately, the venue was very easy to get to, just two turns from the interstate. Not much chance getting lost in the wilderness, but I’m sure with effort I would have managed!
Guests, staff and volunteers alike ensured all of us conventioneers had a very positive experience. Highlights included Aron Houdini’s escape from handcuffs and straightjackets, make up effects demonstrations from Lyzayne (for a small fee, she would make patrons up like bloodthirsty zombies) and several paranormal panels during the course of the weekend. And of course music entertainment, when Ari Lehman’s band, “First Jason” rocked the house Friday and Saturday night.
The energy at the Optimist Complex was high and everyone came out having a good time, least of all me! It’s no secret I prefer the more local conventions, as everyone makes an effort to keep it homey and intimate and casual, as is the Kentucky tradition in entertaining! There’s been rumblings already of Dead Winter II, and I really really hope the promoters once again allow Infernal Dreams/Venom and Honey be a part of promoting it, it has proved itself a valuable addition to the local Convention scene!
Keep an eye peeled for my video footage and upcoming interviews

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Horrorhound Weekend

As I write this, I wonder how I’ll ever begin to cover this weekend without getting my own emotions tangled up into it, because really? It was very emotional and personal to me. Walking into any of the vendor rooms and seeing the guests was like walking straight into a Fangoria magazine from the mid-eighties. It was entirely nostalgic to me, and got me quite emotional at times. Or that could’ve been the cocktails….
I was fortunate enough to be involved with the Tim-O and Harley table who exclusively hosted Mr. Danny Hicks of “Evil Dead 2” and “Darkman” fame. I was lucky enough to help out with the table and run for drinks and hold seats, and I couldn’t have done it for a nicer bunch of guys. Danny Hicks was nothing but entertaining and gracious, trying to help make everyone’s convention experience as positive as it could be. Watching “Evil Dead II” when I was seventeen years old, I never expected I would be in such close proximity to one of the characters who had made it so campy and enjoyable, and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
Every guest and actor there was in good spirits, feeding the positive vibe and enjoying themselves as much as the patrons, which always results in running into Sid Haig at the pool chilling out with beer, or Brian O’Halloran at the bar, or Noah Hathaway outside taking a breather from the crowds. Anyone who was approached was gracious and happy to take a picture or give a hug to fans. As someone who watched these movies for so long, being able to approach an actor, have them talk to you like they’d known you years was such a thrill!
I personally finally got to meet and shake hands with Alex Winter, of “The Lost Boys” and “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” fame. I had been waiting so many years to meet him and it was wortht the wait. His easy smile and open manner made it so easy for me to talk to him, even though I was basically a quivering mass of jell-o on the inside.
I also got to meet the very charming Robert Rusler, Thom Matthews,Doug Bradley and Tom Loughlin, his lovely wife Karen, and I had ample opportunity to speak to every guest there. I have no complaints about the venue, and the hotel staff were available, friendly and very, very accomodating.
The hotel stay wasn’t without a few snags being stuck in the elevator one of them. However, we had Miko Hughes stuck with us keeping us company….Not going to complain too loudly about that!
It was a wonderful weekend full of friends, fun, nostalgia and some scary-looking characters who couldn’t resist playing along. Everyone kept it clean, the Horrorhound staff made sure everyone was taken care of and the Infernal Dreams camp had a very good time. Not bad for our first (but not last!) Horrorhound show, and a big thank you to Horrorhound staff and volunteers for working so hard to make this the memorable show that it was.

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