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Infernal Dreams has been fortunate enough to have helped promote and cover Scarefest since the first in 2008.

I have always usually been the sidekick, the one who held the camera bag and just gawped at everything going on.

Yesterday, due to circumstances beyond our control, I was the only one availabe to cover this huge Horror/Paranormal convention and I won’t lie, it was a bit daunting…

While waiting for the Ribbon cutting and Black Carpet event, I watched owners Patty Starr and Jeff Waldridge moving between staff and celebrities alike, making sure everyone knew where to go, everyone had everything they needed and answering questions. Watching their faces, you wouldn’t guess they were arranging the biggest Paranormal event in Kentucky, they acted like they were welcoming friends into their family den, and it showed. It put everyone at ease, especially me. It’s no secret Aunt Mimi gets rather star struck easily, but I walked amongst Tyler Dane, Dee Wallace, and Denise Crosby, smiling and nodding as if I did this all the time.


Opening ceremony with Patti Starr and Jeff Waldridge


The ribbon cutting ceremony took place shortly after I arrived, with famous monster impersonator Jeff Wickedbeard slashing the ribbon as Jason Voorhees, using…What else…His machete!

And the Black Carpet event commenced….


Victor Miller, writer and creator of “Friday the 13th”


Michael Berryman, of “The Hills Have Eyes” and “Devils Rejects” answering his fans’ questions



The Legendary Booth brothers


The “Creed” family from Pet Sematary, reunited! Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby and Miko Hughes


Tony Todd, “Candyman”, “Final Destination” series

Aaron Goodwin of “Ghost Adventures” had stopped on his way off the Black Carpet to greet me…”Hey! How are you?” He asked. I mumbled hello, frankly surprised he remembered me, then he hugged me warmly and asked me to come by the table later. 


Owner/promoter Patti Starr giving an impromptu interview for the press.

That is exactly the kind of fan/celebrity interaction that makes going to conventions so special. So memorable.  Thankfully, I have walked around and gotten my pictures and blurbs from my celebrities, today, I’m just walking around with some friends as a fan today, so be ready for some high-pitched squeeing!



“Did someone say Ghost Hunting?”

No paranormal celebrities were left out for Scarefest!

Scarefest day two, I am in you!!

Mimi Rupp


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Infernaldreams.net and Venom and Honey have had  the great honor of being invited to Fright Night Film Fest every year since 2007.

This convention has been going since 2006 and has always been run by fans for fans and has just grown bigger since.

Friday marked the beginning of possibly the biggest Fright Night Film Fest/Fandomfest convention we’ve yet seen.

And we at Infernal Dreams are so far having a great time.  At the historical Galt House, official Hotel of the Kentucky Derby, this establishment has hosted celebrities, sport stars, presidents and royalty and it’s definitely giving all of its guests the royal treatment this year.

I’ve already run into Tyler Mane, Robert Rusler, Deborah Foreman, Danny Hicks, and Bill Johnson and that was just at the afterparties!

Especially this weekend, which is proving to be the hottest in Kentucky, the hotel is providing a cool oasis for horror fans, sci-fi fans and pop culture nerds like me, just walking around and bumping into fellow fans, cosplayers and celebrities alike. It’s like we left earth and are on a different planet….That’s ok, I like this one, they seem to speak my native language of fangirl!

Fright Night

Later on in the day, Fright Night Film Fest will be welcoming Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, and Bruce Campbell to its line-up. In fact, I have it on excellent authority that Bruce Campbell is already at Galt House.  (Have to cut this entry short. Have to go stalking!)

Thanks to AAAALLL the volunteers and the promoters who are helping run this convention smoothly and with fans having fun in mind, This is really just the most exciting ever! Keep watching my blog and my facebook, I’ll be updating with pictures shortly!

Love, Mimi

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Sitting in the hotel room, sipping Starbucks, I’m trying to sum up our time so far at Contamination 3D and I’m struggling. It’s not specifically horror, it’s not specifically Sci-Fi, but there’s definitely something for everyone, and it’s been fantastic!  Held at Reinassance Hotel by the airport it boasts a guest list of Michael Berryman, Vernon Wells (Weird Science, Mad Max), J. LaRose (Insidious, Repo! The Genetic Opera) and the one and only RON JEREMY, whose presence has inspired way too many “That’s what she said” jokes.  Meeting him was surprising, he was very pleasant and tasteful, and incidentally hosted a viewing of “One Eyed Monster”  which pretty much packed the viewing room with his anectdotes of filming.

Many conventioners were there in costume, the 501st legion was out in full force in honor of Peter Mayhew attending. Yes. I met Chewbacca. Image

I’m glad I’m smiling in the photo, because afterward I had to retouch my mascara. Just sayin’.

Did I mention the cosplayers?  This guy was awesome. Image

Full character mode and everything.  The venue hall is MASSIVE. Seriously MASSIVE. I absolutely love that, there’s so much room to move around. Excellent choice, promoters!

Today’s agenda for me will be holding it together when I meet Pat Priest and Butch Patrick of “The Munsters” fame. I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t know who the Munsters were, so this will be a big deal to me!  I will also be talking to Stacy Dixon, her husband filmmaker Ben Dixon, who just released a special edition of “Old Habits Die Hard”, his slasher movie featuring Kane Hodder with Tricia Cast of Young and Restless fame.


“Excuse me, madam, I’m the Doctor….”

As well as actors and celebrities, movies and panels, there’s also a 3D Haunted House set up for guests to go through and practice their zombie hunting skills.  It’s going to be a beautiful day!

Many thanks to the promoters for hosting Infernal Dreams and Venom and Honey and allowing us to spread the good word about Contamination 3D!


Come on down and see us!!

Mimi Rupp

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My Pictures from Blood on the Beach are up on my facebook. Go look, it should be public. Comments welcome, critics will be cursed.

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My interviews with guests at Dead Winter Horror Convention are on the “features” page of Infernal Dreams

So yeah. Semi-famous? Oh not really, just got lucky!!

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LONDON,KY – It felt like an honour to be a part of the maiden voyage of “Dead Winter Horror Convention” which was two years in the works. Bragging celebrities such as Ari Lehman, John Dugan, Alex Vincent, Tony Moran, and Aron Houdini, last of the Houdini line, and local celebrities such as ZP International, Kayla Perkins, Cassidy Rae, Lyzayne Whitaker and author Bertena Varney. I’m not even naming everyone, there were still filmmakers and paranormal guests I’m sure I’m missing…I do apologize if I didn’t list you.
It kicked off early on Friday, and went on strong until Saturday night, with vendors setting up to entertain patrons with unusual items you wouldn’t find in stores and would pay top dollar for online. The venue was one of the roomiest I’d ever seen since my first “Fright Night Film Fest” convention, with no problem navigating either room in the London Kentucky Optimist complex.
Even driving through southern Kentucky to get there, you just felt part of a horror movie experience, fortunately, the venue was very easy to get to, just two turns from the interstate. Not much chance getting lost in the wilderness, but I’m sure with effort I would have managed!
Guests, staff and volunteers alike ensured all of us conventioneers had a very positive experience. Highlights included Aron Houdini’s escape from handcuffs and straightjackets, make up effects demonstrations from Lyzayne (for a small fee, she would make patrons up like bloodthirsty zombies) and several paranormal panels during the course of the weekend. And of course music entertainment, when Ari Lehman’s band, “First Jason” rocked the house Friday and Saturday night.
The energy at the Optimist Complex was high and everyone came out having a good time, least of all me! It’s no secret I prefer the more local conventions, as everyone makes an effort to keep it homey and intimate and casual, as is the Kentucky tradition in entertaining! There’s been rumblings already of Dead Winter II, and I really really hope the promoters once again allow Infernal Dreams/Venom and Honey be a part of promoting it, it has proved itself a valuable addition to the local Convention scene!
Keep an eye peeled for my video footage and upcoming interviews

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It is coming upon the 25th anniversary of the release of Joel Schumakers blockbuster, The Lost Boys, starring, as I’m sure everyone knows, Kiefer Sutherland, Brooke McCarter, Billy Wirth, Alex Winter and Corey Feldman and the late but still great, Corey Haim. I first saw this movie when I was 16, as a treat from my mother. It was thanks for helping them move into a new house while my younger sister was at church camp. My mom thought a mother/daughter date would be a great idea. I agreed and promptly begged her to see the Lost Boys which she agreed on. Now this is a big deal….My mother usually HATES scary movies and I threw the word “vampire” around, having seen an article about it in a Fangoria magazine. Something in my voice must’ve softened her, because April 14th, we headed into the small theater with popcorn and orange crush, ready for some sexy vamp goodness. That film just blew me away at that age…Any other vampire movie showed vampires as horrid ugly monsters. Now, TLB were still horrid monsters, but they were attractive……Stil vicious and ready to rip your face off at a moments notice, but when the lead vampire looked at you and smiled cruelly, you smiled back! You were like “Oh, no matter he’s going to kill me, look how CUTE…” bam. Chomp…Nom nom nom, you were a memory.

I’m really excited about this upcoming year…I plan on dedicating a series of videos, and blog entries on this film, and I will be finally meeting some of the actors at the Blood on the Beach convention in Virginia. And who knows? Pictures? Interviews? Hey, I may be getting overambitious, I don’t know….
So why care so passionately about a 25 year old movie that I’m willing to spend 9 hours in my car travelling to celebrate? Well, I can tell you.
High School was horrible for me. I hated going, I dragged my feet getting there and going home wasn’t much better. There were four teenage girls in the same house. If *I* wasn’t batting my parents, one of my sisters were. Drama-rific. How my parents got through it with sanity intact I don’t know. Or maybe they didn’t…Anyway.
At school I was teased picked on, pranked….I had someone send me a dirty valentine, and have a girl threaten to tell the teacher I had porn in my locker. Yep, Nice huh? I had no one to eat lunch with, and more than a few times had to go home in the middle of the day to change my clothes, because someone threw food on me. Or cut my hair because someone threw gum in it and I coulnt’ get it out.
After the Lost Boys? I had pictures. I had the movie on vhs, I had the sound track….Whenever I felt low or like I just couldnt’ take it anymore, I went back to Santa Carla. The Boardwalk held many mysteries (I could only imagine it was like our little small town carnivals, only by a beach) and I could snag a motorcycle ride whenever I wanted. It just cost me my blood. which after taking so much teasing and torment at school, seemed pretty cheap to me.
The Lost Boys didn’t judge me, or care that I dressed unfashionably or didn’t wear makeup one day or wore too much the next day.
They just wanted to have fun, and hang out. But after I started using that as an escape, a funny thing happened.
I stopped caring about what the kids thought. Why not? In my daydreams, in some of my stories, I was a pretty big deal on the boardwalk!
Then someone started sitting with me at lunch…and someone started talking to me in class. A bit suspicious at first, I didn’t think too much of it, but then I got some invitations out…And started making friends.
The kids didn’t magically stop picking on me, but I handled it better than I used to. Then, I went to college and moved on with my life…I was lucky, I made it, I was able to. But I always brought my “boys” with me.

So I owe this movie a lot, and I’m hoping my tributes will be enough payback for what it’s given me.
Jan 20th, 2012.

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