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Once again, Fandomfest made me proud to call myself “fan” and “friend” to the promoters.   Despite challenges, such as last minute change in venue, and guest cancellations, Fandomfest 2017 knocked it out of the park.


(photo credit: Malinda Wickam)

Taking over the old Macy’s store in Louisville’s Jefferson mall is almost poetic….. Capitalism died in that mall, and the fans swarmed and took over. The ironic justice is delicious.

Despite naysayers, a good time was had by the large crowds and friendly celebrity guests, with Matthew Lillard inviting fans to come meet and hug him “Like a porkchop”.  Fans as far away as Ontario, Canada were posting pictures of fans meeting actor Sonny Chiba of “Kill Bill” fame, with Artoo Detoo, and BB8 droids roaming the floors, thrilling many a Star Wars fan.

(photo credit: Malinda Wickam)

The venue wasn’t without complications, but staff were quick on the ball to assist vendors, such as Steampunk Alley.  Originally slated for the second floor, vendors had trouble getting their props to the alloted spot, as the back wall wouldn’t fit in the elevator.  Staff responded by placing them on the first floor, which was pretty awesome of them.

(photo credit: Malinda Wickham. She’s the one being threatened by the T-Rex.)

The cosplayers came out in droves, including many children, and an entire family dressed as Harry Potter characters.  Celebrity guests posted regularly, and thanked the staff for a wonderful weekend.  This is the kind of Fandomfest I’m familiar with.  I’ve never had a bad time there, I’ve always been treated VERY well by the staff.  And I know from experience, when Fandomfest triumphs over the odds, the next year will be even better.  Congrats to the staff, guests and promoters for another awesome Convention.  Stay tuned for Fandomfest 2018, because I sure will!


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The Star Wars Holiday special was first and only officially aired November 17th, 1978 and it was my first glimpse at the actual Star Wars characters. I fell deeply in love with Mark Hamill, and my torch for him hasn’t lessened a bit.

Watching the story, and especially the cartoon introducing Boba Fett, it was wondrous to me…. And a shame it only gets circulation through bootlegs and pirated downloads.  I think it’s a valuable companion to the Star Wars franchise.

It was produced by a television network ( I want to say CBS, but I’m not sure) with only vague permission from 20th Century Fox, not George Lucas himself. He thinks it’s horrible and any journalist interviewing the great producer is wise not to bring it up in front of him.

Us hardcore fans think differently, as bad as it might be.  I don’t find it much different than the cheesy 1970’s holiday specials that enjoyed so much popularity back then. It wasn’t unheard of for weekend viewing to consist mostly of variety shows by popular entertainers pretending to take sleigh rides or trim artificial christmas trees while singing with their buddies.  So my seven-year-old self equated the Holiday special with that, only with my beloved Star Wars characters instead of Donny Osmond or Paul Lynde.


(screenshot off youtube)

My Dad even got into it…. He got us some popcorn as a special treat, sat us down in our jammies and let us stay up to watch the end (It was almost two hours, started at 7 pm, and our bedtime was set at 7:30) making it that much more special to me.  And the way the writers “created” a Wookie Holiday to make it applicable to almost any religion is still to this day very typical of the Star Wars-verse.


(from the animated feature, done entirely by Canadian animation company, Nelvana)


(First look at Boba Fett, most favoured yet underused character in nearly any fandom)


(Mark Hamill looking amazingly good after his facial reconstruction surgery following his ill-fated


It is no small coincidence that was the same year we got Star Wars toys for christmas, breaking through the gender-stereotyping so rampant in that day and age.  I can only hope that Mr Lucas can soften his heart to us old-school fans and perhaps give permission to release a DVD copy of a remastered Holiday special.  One can hope, right?

10 Things you didn’t know about the Star Wars Holiday Special

1. It debuted character Boba Fett

2. All original characters were played/voiced by the original actors, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.

3. While the actual program hasn’t been officially released by the Star Wars franchise, the animated short is on the special features of the Star Wars Saga DVD set.

4. While not returning in any other canon works, Chewbacca’s family got some coverage in 1979’s “The Wookiee Storybook” and comic book series “Wookiee World” released in 1985.

5. Include’s the Jefferson Starship single, “Light the Sky on Fire”, with a scene of the band performing the song for one of the Imperial officers.

6. Bea Arthur has a cameo as a bartender, Ackmena in the Cantina. She sings a song “Goodnight but not Goodbye” and her character is explained in “A New Hope” as having been present in the Cantina with Luke and Obi Wan, but presumably in the back, negotiating pay. (Star Wars Complete locations, 2005)

7. No english is spoken during the first twenty minutes of the show, as it is set on Kashyyyyk, and the Wookiees are speaking their native language. This did not hinder the plot, but it sure didn’t help.

8. The holiday special is the first time James Earl Jones is credited as the voice of Darth Vader. In “A New Hope”, only David Prowse is credited as the character until “Empire Strikes Back”.

9. The famous Star Wars “Wilhelm Scream” can be heard near the end when Han Solo sends  a stormtrooper to his death when he finds him threatening Chewbacca at his tree house.

10. The Art Department for “Revenge of the Sith” used the shots from the Holiday special to build sets for Kashyyyk.

And if fans think Star wars was alone in this kind of character lambasting in  1978, may I kindly direct your attention to “Legend of the Superheroes“….

I’m hoping one day we’ll have a legitimate copy of the Star Wars holiday special to call our own, but in the meantime, at least we have youtube.

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I’m sorry if I have little time for anti-christmas statuses and rants on facebook. In my childhood, christmas was one of the things that I knew were going to be good no matter what. As a child of an extended family, there was a lot of christmas to be had.  My Stepmother would do her best to give us a great day, planning months in advance, and making the house warm, beautiful and festive.

My mother used to get dinners and cookies together for a festive “Boxing Day” (December 26th) and we’d have a second christmas.  Giving my son a good christmas keeps me young and brings back to me that childlike wonder and excitement, so you’ll pardon me if I go christmas-crazy.  It’s better than prozac for me.


Also, recipe for my stepmother’s rocky road fudge.  I’ve made this for years, and my in-laws can’t get enough  of it!

3/4 bag of chocolate chips

2/3 cup of condensed milk

half cup of nuts (I like walnuts, but pecans will work just as well)

half cup of marshmallows (the coloured ones are particularly festive)

In a double broiler, melt chocolate chips in heated condensed milk and stir until smooth.  Very quickly mix nuts and marshmallows until just covered. Pour into pan and let cool (8×8 square pan is best, line it with wax paper)

Let cool and cut into small squares as this will be a very rich treat.


My Stepmom’s christmas tree, 2010.

So let the holidays commence!

And please keep reading my bubblews page and liking the posts, as it earns me Christmas money!!!

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Some coverage for Fright Night filmfest/Fandomfest from 2013.

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Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the premiere of Big Biting Pig’s “Lucid” along with writer/director Pj Woodside.  If you’ve never been to one, premieres are fun, with  a lot of energy.  It’s a bit less formal (If you can believe that ) than regular movie showings, and if you’re lucky, you attend one with the actors and directors.  During the movie the energy was fantastic! Cheers went up to favorite actors and scenes, the audience laughed, gasped and screamed together. Everything you’d want in a horror movie, jumps shocks, twists and yes, gore.  Pj Woodside has a blog here on wordpress (http://thisoldbitchmakeshorrorflicks.wordpress.com) where she talks about her experiences writing and directing her films.


Pj Woodside and Brittney Saylor greet fans after the movie

I was fortunate enough to get a few questions in while she and castmembers greeted fans after the movie screened.

[warning…interview may contain spoilers, if you don’t want to be spoiled, why are you here? I’m the spoiler queen....]

Aunt Mimi : How long did it take you to write the script and what inspired you?

Pj: My own crazy dreams and night terrors. Turning it into a movie plot took a little longer…..[about ] four months to write from beginning to end, couple of really strong writing spells in there.

Aunt Mimi: Were there any scenes that were really hard to write? You touch on a lot of taboo and sensitive subjects

Pj: Not so much that they were hard to write, just making everything make sense, and make everything essential [to the story].  Steve actually suggested some of the plot points , but then you have to go back and go, okay, how [do we] make this integrated with everything.  The first few drafts were a lot tamer, and that draft I was working on, I thought, ‘Ok, I’m gonna make this so fast paced, so hard edged that I’m going to scare myself’

Aunt Mimi: And did you?

Pj: Yeah! Kinda! (laughs)

Aunt Mimi: You also star in it as the therapist [Faith] which brings something new to the dream/horror genre, where there any scenes that were hard to get through, [acting-wise] because no offense, she’s kind of mean…Pj: No. I found that perfectly normal, (laughs) Actually I was worried that it would be too easy for this character to be a caricature, so I did work really hard on what was my motivation, not that I was being mean, but that I was trying to make her [ Monica the lead character] do things, do things that were important to me.  I really enjoyed playing [Faith], and Steve when he was directing me, he would say “Ok, go less.” and that all usually worked better.

Aunt Mimi: Do you have more fun being the bad guy?

Pj : Oh yeah! You don’t get to do that in real life, you know? I like going there emotionally and I did find it very difficult to be mean, and that’s a little scary (laughs)

Bill Johnson, Leatherface from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre II” was on hand to greet  fans with free signings, and ‘backstage’ meet and greet.Image

Pj Woodside, Steve Hudgins and Bill Johnson

In my opinion, “Lucid” is Big Biting Pig’s darkest film yet, with elements of “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Paranormal Activity”.  The performances are briliant and the story itself is fast paced, inventive and just downright creepy.  The ending was one of the most “HOLY SHIT WTF” endings I’ve seen in a very long time.  And I want a sequel, Pj. Just saying.

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