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The first day of Shock Stock went astonishingly well for me despite fighting Michigan Construction traffic and a number of mishaps along the way,the least of which, picking up my son late from school. We arrived late, found parking VERY easily (5$ at the Hall, not bad really) and entered the Convention which was in full swing. We met the vendors,cosplayers and a number of Celebrity guests that had a lot to say about my niece’s homemade Disney dress.  Particularly Tony Todd, who would’ve pegged him for a Disney fan?  Oh well, even Death needs a hobby!

The vendors were wonderful and there was some amazing artwork to be viewed as well as one-of-a-kind baubles and earrings.  Pictures will be forthcoming, as I seem to have lost a vital power cord to upload but they’re wonderful, and there’s absolutely a lot to see.  I encountered the Horror-Rama booth and a booth run by Canada’s best Horror FIlm Festival, “Blood in the Snow”  Nothing brings out my patriotic side like good ol’ Canadian Horror.  I think Canada really has a corner in the market and need to show our American neighbors that The Great White North is just as bawdy, bloody and psychotic as the rest of them.  I was also very glad to see independant filmmakers showing their talent and films.  There’s screenings happening all weekend.  I can only hope my camera batteries last that long!  Shock Stock continues tomorrow through till Sunday, at Centennial Hall,London Ontario.  Forest City, the Horror fans have teken over!!


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Everyone reposts information. EVERYONE.

From the Huffington Post, to CNN news, to Fox News (Fox news even once linked back to examiner.com!!)  Only we don’t call it reposting. We call it “linking and crediting the source”.  That sounds more professional and I like it too.

Someone called Examiner a content mill. Meaning, they pay small amounts for writers (like me) to write articles for them, share content so they can get higher views and more money for advertising spots.  This was said in the same manner someone would point out a sweatshop. And while yeah, it does take a lot of effort to put together some slideshows, or lists, I don’t care. I don’t mind.

The point is, I got hired. I had to apply and audition for this spot with my own talent. Not everybody gets to do this.
And some places don’t even pay their writers, they write just to be able to get passes into events and such.  Oh please. Really?! You’re working for free, dude! In the words of the Joker, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.”  But some well-known sources (*coughhuffpostcough*) have been caught not paying a dime to their independant bloggers, while keeping tight control and over editing all that they published. Not right, guys, not right.

So, I’ll proudly wear my examiner badges, and keep writing.  I’ll link-link-link to all my fellow examiners, and while yes, more money would be nice, I’ll be happy getting my few bucks a month, knowing I earned it writing.

Not to mention, now I have a platform to promote a lot of my horror friends and convention family.  I only get a few hits on this blog.  My examiner articles garner two more thousand hits a month. THOUSAND.  Yeah, and I don’t even have a readership yet.  This means a lot to me to be able to do this. 

Read my latest, about Bill Johnson attending the “Lucid” premiere.


Using this pic because Pj said I could.

Haha, I do what I want. And get paid doing it.

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