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I Have sadly neglected Venom and Honey, (Except for the video blog, those still get updated twice a month) due to my busy work at the examiner.  Don’t get me wrong, I love writing here, and I can’t wait to gush about the upcoming Conventions, including a very exciting opportunity for yours truly but in the meantime, with that, and Pickle’s schooling I’ve barely had time to breath.

So let’s do some spring cleaning and clean out my photos cache. I have a few from my tumblr-ing.


From our trip to West Virginia


Even Kane Hodder couldn’t scare this kid straight.


Meeting Thomas the Tank Engine


Explaining strange texts to my friends when I’ve been at the conventions too long.

I have some snapshots around here too, idk.

But yeah.

OUAT is progressing steadily toward the finale, in which I desperately hope I win my bid for Horror Movie Examiner title or it will be a damn long summer for me, filling it in desperately with lists of “Top Robert Carlyle butt-shots” and slideshows of the perfect chipped-cup replica.

Thankfully, there’s Mad Men, and True Blood season six starting up. 

Beyond that and conventions season? Who knows!


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So, yeah, THIS happened.

I published my first money-making article on examiner.com, and already working on my second.  I’m blown away that someone would consider letting me do this.  Keeping my mind sharp, stalking actors to keep them relevant, I’m actually good at that.

And now someone is betting their money on me doing that…I’m blown away. I’m still a far cry from that impressionable 20-something who thought she could knock out a thousand dollar horror novel, but this is still beyond comprehension for me.  That advice all those famous authors give you? It’s really true. If you want to write, write…..Just keep writing. Even if you think it’s shit, someone else might not.


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