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My Pictures from Blood on the Beach are up on my facebook. Go look, it should be public. Comments welcome, critics will be cursed.


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The first day at Blood on the Beach was overwhelming for a lot of people, least of all me. Achieving my dream of meeting the Lost Boys and meeting a bunch of friends I met through the fandom just made my night! The staff has so far done a great job with crowd control, as I think us Lost Boys fans and The Walking Dead fans swarmed the place and took over.  All the celebrities did a great job making everyone welcome, and being accessible to the fans.  The venue is absolutely beautiful with hotel staff and volunteers doing everything they can to help guests get what they need and have a great time.

The VIP party had a very carnival feel with people walking about and mingling with the guests, everyone in a jovial spirit.  It’s great to see Sal Lizard, “Vampire Santa”  mingling with vampire fans and catching the eye of many a lady!

Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten cavorting and playing up like they really were the cousins they portrayed in “Sleepaway Camp”, and Brooke McCarter and Billy Wirth hanging out together as they did in “The Lost Boys”. Many, many thanks to all who have worked so hard to bring this convention together and allowing me to represent Infernaldreams.net and Venom and Honey.  I truly am honoured.


It’s all about the vampires this time, baby.


Mimi Rupp

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In honour of Friday the 13th, and the month of Blood on the Beach, I will present you with “13 Things you may not Know about The Lost Boys”

1 The city of Santa Cruz insisted the producers change the name to a fictional name, as
they didn’t want to be associated with gang violence, or keep the name “Murder Capitol of
the World”.

2. Although it was made to look it in the film, the store set as the Frog brothers’ comic store
was never actually on the boardwalk, it was located a few blocks away
3. Costume Designer Susan Becker had given the actors playing the vampires a budget and let them
loose on Melrose Ave to pick out articles for their characters’ costumes.

4. The studio allowed Billy Wirth to keep two leather jackets he wore in the movie.
One had been stolen, the other he still has.

5. Joe Ferrara still has the “Vampires Everywhere” comic book prop. It’s framed in his
“Atlantis Fantasyworld” store in Santa Cruz, and fans from all over the world show up
just to see it and have pictures taken with it.

6.Kiefer Sutherland’s character had to wear leather gloves to conceal his cast he aquired
from breaking his arm, trying to do stunts on his motorcycle.

7. Comic store owner Joe Ferrara had auditioned to play the Frog Bros. father.
He didn’t get it, instead the role went to two locals who used their own clothes for costumes

8. Filming at the Boardwalk was only permitted to take place during the week, as they wanted
to stay open during weekends for visiting tourists

9. There was a rumour that the Railway bridge where the famous initiation scene with Michael
was located in Alabama. This is false, it was located and filmed in Valencia California

10. Joel Schumacher spent six weeks convincing Jason Patric to take the role of Michael
Emerson.  Joel didn’t want anyone else for it, and Jason worried the movie would be too
“exploitation horror”.

11. Richard Donner originally had imagined the movie to be more like “The Goonies” with vampires
The Frog brothers were originally cub scouts.  Joel balked at that idea so the script was re-
written with the characters as teenagers.

12. Billy Wirth’s character name is never mentioned. His character name is “Dwayne”.

13. Comic store Owner Joe Ferrara had made a cameo briefly in the film.  As Sam enters the
comic store for the second time, Joe is seen playing the pinball machine just outside.



Aaaaand now you know the “rest of the story.”
Or not. Just wait till I come back with my interviews next week….;)

Love, Aunt Mimi


(sources: Blog Talk radio, The Lost Boys special edition: Making of, Joe Ferrara, Atlantis Fantasyworld of Santa Cruz, Horrors Hallowed Grounds)

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