It’s been a long month. I’ve had a lot of ideas for writing, but my brains have been too fried by the pandemic to put all my thoughts down in order.

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The first time I said something racist, I was six, and I didn’t know it was racist.

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I said what I said

Some people think we’re too “Left wing” but we have our parents to blame for that, and the shows they let us watch…

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The horror world, still reeling from the loss of Joel Schumacher, has just received another fine blow. Evil Dead II star and Sam Raimi alumni, Danny Hicks, lost his short battle with an aggressive stage IV cancer. Continue Reading »

Joel Schumacher, director of the vampire hit, “The Lost Boys” has lost his battle with cancer this morning. He was 80.

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Dear White People

Settle down. This isn’t about us. This isn’t about our feelings.

We’re here to help uplift our brothers and sisters.  We’re here to amplify voices which feel unheeded.

All I hear are “All lives Matter” and arguments why that should be held as standard.

Well it’s not. It’s not held at standard at all

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Police Brutality

I’d like to know how the NYPD (I’m assuming this is NYPD) is going to explain this. Rationalize arresting a nurse coming off shift.  Did she have a scalpel? Were you threatened with a non-consensual enema? I mean, I know we nurses can be intimidating but handcuffs seem a bit extreme.  Unless you’re looking to woo this frontline worker, (that last week were touted as ‘heroes’)  then I can confidently tell you, you are going about it exactly the wrong way.

Anyone still defending the police at this point? Anyone?

I have some bad news for you, snowflake. Not all lives matter. You know what lives matter? And the government has made it crystal clear…

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Alas, my body doesn’t allow me to do anything but talk shit on the internet


I found a list of organizations that arrange bail money for protesters. Right here.

It is very disheartening to see horrible evil things happening that you can’t do anything about.

Well, here is a thing you can do. Donate to the organizations.






We’re in strange times.  We’re all feeling like we’re in limbo, waiting for the penny to drop, and we’re not even sure how heavy that penny’s going to be…  We feel helpless at horrible situations that are happening in our world, in this fucked up timeline we’re forced into.  And that can be a real drag.

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