Alas, my body doesn’t allow me to do anything but talk shit on the internet


I found a list of organizations that arrange bail money for protesters. Right here.

It is very disheartening to see horrible evil things happening that you can’t do anything about.

Well, here is a thing you can do. Donate to the organizations.






We’re in strange times.  We’re all feeling like we’re in limbo, waiting for the penny to drop, and we’re not even sure how heavy that penny’s going to be…  We feel helpless at horrible situations that are happening in our world, in this fucked up timeline we’re forced into.  And that can be a real drag.

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As I have said, the advantages of being a Convention patron is getting close to the actors and directors of our fantasies, is that when we need a lift, we can just go on Netflix and visit our friends.

I have needed such a lift, and the third installment of the Hatchet films was the logical choice.

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Famed Booth Brothers, Philip Adrian Booth and Christopher Saint Booth, who have previously been known for their paranormal shows for Syfy and their presence at Horror Conventions, have reached out to Acorn TV, an American television service specializing in streaming british tv shows, had produced a show startlingly similar to their 2014 movie, “Dead Still“.  Philip Booth had made a Facebook post on his page, showing the two promo posters together.

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I reviewed the movie “Tormented” (released also under “Berkshire County”) which stars Alysa King, Aaron Chartrand and Canadian Actress Samora Smallwood. Continue Reading »

Ghost stories these days are tricky. There’s not much new you can bring to the table, and anyone who does have a new idea, a new haunt, a new trick, usually end up soaking the whole thing in blood.  This is not so with “I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House“, there’s very little bloodshed involved, with a large suspense factor. Continue Reading »