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Crazy Callie cropped

Kristine Renee Farley in a screen shot from Hell is Full (Big Biting Pig Productions 2010).

When I teach writing, I ask my students if they’ve told any stories recently.  Most of them shake their heads.  Then I ask a few questions.  I prompt them.   Did you talk to your best friend today?  To your mom?  Did you tell them anything at all?  Did you talk about the weird guy sitting next to you?  Or the soup you had for lunch that burned your tongue?  Or the power going out last night?

They realize then that they have told stories.  Many stories.  They (and you, and I) tell stories almost every time we open our mouths.  Try to go a whole day without telling a story, even to yourself, even in your own head.  It’s nearly impossible.  People want stories.  They crave stories.  They can’t help but see the…

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Last year, on behalf of Infernal Dreams and Mimi’s Venom and Honey, I covered a small convention nea Corbin Kentucky, and started up my own little corner of the Infernal Dreams empire. I conducted my first celebrity interview, and made a lot of new friends, starting off not only  my vlogging but also a writing career.

Last  night marked the return of Dead Winter Horror Convention, which the promoters were gracious enough to allow me to promote and cover.  It was a most triumphant return. J. LaRose (REPO! The Genetic Opera, Saw III) and Danny Hicks (Evil Dead  II, Intruder, Spiderman II) made their Dead Winter debut along with returning celebrities John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)  and  Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th).  As with last year, everyone had a fabulous time, convention attendants were treated to celebrities, and Monsters Among Us alumni such as Nightmare Man, Princess Diva of the Dead and Dj Tre roamed around in various monster disguises.  You could see Jason Voorhees lumbering about or have a staring contest with Michael Myers.  It was a bang-up start to what will be a fantastic weekend.  Many Many many thanks to Brian Sizemore and his soon-to-be bride Samantha for allowing Venom and Honey and Infernal Dreams be a part of the experience.


Shauna Tackett and friend


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